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Contact is the leading data source for North America’s prognosticating groundhogs and their yearly predictions. To maintain the extremely high standard that our exacting fanbase have come to expect, we take prompt action when alerted to possible additions or corrections.

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If you would like to add a new groundhog, there is a dedicated page for that.

For all other inquiries / corrections, email .

Who is

Paul Craig, Developer

My name is Paul and I barely ever thought about groundhogs until Canadaland’s episode #750: Dead Willies. Afterwards, I started Googling around and was horrified to learn that the best-case-scenario for retrieving past predictions is downloading a PDF file (an awful way to store data), with the more common case being that there is simply no central list of predictions at all.

In addition to building the site + API, I have accidentally become maybe one of the foremost Groundhog Day experts in Canada slash the world. To inquire about keynote speaking at your conference or even just to say hi, email me at .

Favourite groundhog: to be honest, I really like Lucy the Lobster from Nova Scotia.

Tyler Benning, Designer

Tyler is a super talented Designer extraordinaire who agreed to help come up with some groundhog-mocks between surfing the Altantic, couchsurfing Vancouver, and getting a real job. If there’s some aspect of the design you don’t like, it’s probably when I didn’t take his advice.

Favourite groundhog: 🤷‍♀️