The leading Groundhog Day data source

Add a groundhog aspires to be (and maybe already is) the leading data source for prognosticating animals and their yearly predictions. As such, the door is very much open to adding talented, up-and-coming groundhogs to our roster of classic, mainstream groundhogs.

Here is a Google Form you can use to submit a new groundhog. It should take you about 5 minutes.

It is also possible to update/amend data for existing groundhogs.

Submitting a new groundhog

I need 3 things to add a new groundhog:

  1. Basic info about your groundhog
    • Name, location, a ~50 word description, contact info, etc.
  2. A list of predictions by year
    • eg, 2022: early spring, 2021: longer winter, etc
  3. A photo
    • Try to find a clear photo of the groundhog without people.

Once you have your photo handy, it should only take 5 or so minutes to submit your groundhog.

Editing a groundhog

I have tried to make sure that all data on the site is accurate but mistakes do hpapen. If any information is incorrect or incomplete (eg, to add more predictions, edit a groundhog, change the photo), please email me at to let me know.