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Wildwood Willie


Wildwood Willie is a taxidermied groundhog who hosts a “Groundhogs Day” event every year at Ohio’s Wildwood Preserve Metropark. In addition to impressing attendees with his weather-predicting powers and his cute outfits, Willie’s prediction is preceded by gleeful groundhog stories, songs, crafts, games, and a nature walk through a typical groundhog habitat. Celebrate the lore and legend of Groundhogs Day with Wildwood Willie!

Wildwood Willie
Wildwood Willie
Willie is a Taxidermied groundhog

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Past predictions

Year Saw shadow? Prediction
2023 Yes, saw shadow More winter
2022 Nope, no shadow Early spring
2021 Yes, saw shadow More winter
2020 Yes, saw shadow More winter
2019 Yes, saw shadow More winter

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