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Scramble the Duck

About Scramble

Scramble the Duck is a prognosticating Pekin duck from Eastford, Connecticut who makes an official prediction on “Duck Day” every February 2nd. Billed as “an accurate alternative to the groundhog,” Scramble has an impressive perfect record of weather prognostications. According to his website, “Scramble can predict the weather because he has the most superior education,” in addition to the innate fact that ducks “live above ground, [so] they know more about the weather.”

Scramble the Duck
Scramble the Duck
Scramble is a Pekin duck

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Past predictions

Year Saw shadow? Prediction
2024 Nope, no shadow Early spring
2023 Yes, saw shadow More winter
2022 Yes, saw shadow More winter
2021 Yes, saw shadow More winter
2020 Yes, saw shadow More winter

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