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Fred la Marmotte


Fred la marmotte was a prognosticating Quebecois groundhog from Val-d’Espoir in the Gaspésie, Quebec before retiring in 2023. Overwhelmed by his gift of clairvoyance, Fred relied upon his handler and a mascot in his likeness to announce his prediction. Fred was unique in being the only weather-predicting groundhog whose habitat was located on a World Heritage Site, the “Géoparc mondial UNESCO de Percé.”

Fred la Marmotte
Fred la Marmotte

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Past predictions

Year Saw shadow? Prediction
2023 No prediction. No prediction.
2022 Yes, saw shadow More winter
2021 Nope, no shadow Early spring
2020 Nope, no shadow Early spring
2019 Yes, saw shadow More winter

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