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Fenwick Flossie

About Flossie

Fenwick Flossie is an adult-sized groundhog mascot organized by the local Lion’s Club in Fenwick, Ontario. Flossie is a non-gender mascot, given life by an octogenarian Lion’s club member who has suited up for the role each year for nearly three decades. The club prefers to not release the person’s identity to protect the mystery of who is channelling the woodchuck spirit.

Fenwick Flossie
Fenwick Flossie
Flossie is a Person in a groundhog suit

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Past predictions

Year Saw shadow? Prediction
2024 Nope, no shadow Early spring
2023 Yes, saw shadow More winter
2022 Nope, no shadow Early spring
2021 Nope, no shadow Early spring
2020 Nope, no shadow Early spring

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