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Dover Doug


Dover Doug is a groundhog mascot who makes an annual Groundhog Day prediction in Pennsylvania’s Dover Township. Unlike traditional groundhogs, Doug doesn’t use his shadow, but rather an ‘interpretive dance’ Groundhogese variation (featuring hand movements, wiggles and head shakes) to deliver his prognostication to the attendant Burrow Master and Shadow Keeper. And with great results: a prior Burrow Master said Doug “has been making predictions for about 30 years and has always been 100 percent accurate.”

Dover Doug
Dover Doug
Doug is a Person in a groundhog suit

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Past predictions

Year Saw shadow? Prediction
2023 Nope, no shadow Early spring
2022 Yes, saw shadow More winter
2021 Nope, no shadow Early spring
2020 Nope, no shadow Early spring
2019 Nope, no shadow Early spring

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